Note From The Owner

cherie and her daughters
In 2003 I stumbled into teaching childrenís fitness classes and it was the perfect fit for me. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to invest in a childrenís fitness franchise and teach these classes as my career. When I started my own family in 2007, I realized that balance was an important part in the life of a family. I enjoyed teaching kids exercise classes, but I wanted to teach them more! I slowly began creating a portfolio of programs for kids. Today the portfolio of programs includes fitness, dance, yoga and music. Iíve been blessed to find a career where I can impact the lives of children.

My goal for Launch Your Kid is to make it fun to be a kid and learn new things. Thank you for entrusting us to teach your child.

Yours in health,
Cherie Behrens

Mission Statement

Launch Your Kid is all about making it fun to be a kid and learn new things. Our purpose is to teach fun first, skills second. We hope to enrich a childís life and to foster a passion of lifelong learning.