About Us

about us

Launch Your Kid is all about making it fun to be a kid and learn new things. Our purpose is to teach fun first, skills second. We hope to enrich a child’s life and to foster a passion of lifelong learning.

Program Benefits

We provide engaging programs that encourage self-exploration, balanced fun, confidence building, healthy habits, and more!

  • Assist parents and early childhood educators in introducing children to a variety of activities
  • Provide a fun-filled framework of activities that encourage self-expression and feed children’s natural curiosity
  • Develop children’s confidence in trying new things and cultivate a "can-do" attitude
  • Encourage children to explore their natural talents while building healthy life habits

Our History

In 2003, owner Cherie Behrens began teaching children’s fitness classes as a part-time job. She immediately fell in love with it and invested in a popular children’s fitness franchise. In 2007, she started her own family and realized that balance was an important part in the life of a family. She wanted to expand to teaching more than fitness classes. Along with a team of experts, Cherie developed a portfolio of active programs for kids and started Launch Your Kid. The name came from the idea that as parents we are all looking to set our child in a positive motion. Today the programs have evolved from just fitness to also include dance, yoga and music. At Launch Your Kid, our goal is to make it fun to be a kid and learn new things.